We offer you the opportunity to own a collectable limited edition print produced by an artist that displayed a vision clearly ahead of his time. Examples of this vision included the 1936 Centennial worlds fair exposition.  

George Dahl, a visionary, was one of the forefathers of architecture and design and set in motion changes in architecture that are still admired and revered today. His avant-garde approach to design united a spark that lit the way for other architects and designers to follow. Although Dahl was a career architect he was first a passionate artist. His family uncovered numerous treasures of artistic significance. The historical importance of these works propelled his family to offer to the public the rare opportunity to own a piece of the past. Each of his works is unique and exquisite. Just as George Dahl breathed life into his work by the attention to detail, that same level of quality in reproducing these works has been maintained. Each limited edition print is reproduced on Arches quality paper using the Giclee printing process to ensure that each print is museum quality. For more information see our link to about Giclee. It is rare that a collection such as this is still intact. Just as a fine gallery is limited to what it can display, we can only now show you a fraction of the total collection. In the future we will selectively offer other works in the collection to further enhance the memory of our grandfather.

We welcome your thoughts and questions concerning any of the works provided here. Please refer to our contact page for further information.

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