George Dahl, the creator of these esquisite limited edition fine art prints.
The Artist

A first generation American, George L. Dahl was born in Minnesota in 1894. Throughout his life he met challenges head and consequently became one of the top architects and community leaders in the 20th century. As a talented young man attending Harvard University in 1923 he was awarded the prestigious Nelson Robertson Fellowship. For the next two years he traveled through out Europe studying architecture and painting. As a result we have an incredible collection of watercolors that were produced during his travels.

Upon his return he became involved in planning the University of Texas campus and soon after was named the chief architect for the Texas Centennial. The "Fantasy Centennial Renderings" in our collection were put together by Mr. Dahl to secure Dallas as the host city for the Worlds Fair celebration in 1936. George Dahl supervised over 8,000 workers and developed 200 acres of exhibit buildings and infrastructure in nine months during the depression. Today the fairgrounds are on the National Register of Historical buildings and are the largest concentration of public Art Deco buildings in the United States.

Mr. Dahl was truly a unique and multi talented individual.